Shred Shop of Memphis was gracious to host a special “Shred Day” to benefit Operation Red Shoes. We say special because it occurred on a Saturday, and they are usually closed on the weekends.

Prior to the event, Shred Shop allowed Operation Red Shoes to place one of our shoe drive boxes to accept donations.

Although the rain was threatening that day, it didn’t rain a drop.  Customers were able to shred important documents and destroy computer hard drives.  A large portion of the revenue generated was donated to us.

MemPops donated an entire cooler of their delicious “pops” with 100% of the proceeds going to Operation Red Shoes as well.

All in all, it was a fantastic event!  Shred Shop continued to collect donations from customers for several days after the “Shred Day” and added 100% of those donations to the “Shred Day” proceeds.  In addition to the money donated, they collected 3 big boxes of assorted shoes.

We would like to thank Brenda Allen Huff, the owner of Shred Shop of Memphis, Eddie Bates, Event Coordinator, and all of the employees that assisted in ensuring the event’s success.

Thanks MemPops!  Thanks Shred Shop!  From all of us at Operation Red Shoes.